Creating a Path to Independence 
for Persons with Disabilities
Frances Center 
for Customized Employment, Inc.

As many of you that visit us already know, the Friday Finders Market is a favorite shopping event for not only our customers, but also our FCCE vendors.  It is at this market that our vendors get to "be the boss" and operate all facets of the market.  From stockers to cashiers, this market is their training ground.  However, in the recent months, we found ourselves simply exploding in the small building we were operating the market in and since that building also housed our workshop space, we had crowded the workshop to the point that we really could not accomplish much work out there!  
In July, our landlord informed us that the huge warehouse at the rear of the property would be coming available on August 1!  Well, of course, we jumped at the opportunity to have a permanent, and very large, home for our market!  Not only would this building provide us much needed space, it would also give us the ability to expand our hours and make the Friday Finders Market into the Finders Market with shopping available DAILY on Tuesdays-Sundays!  How excited we were as we began to lay out plans for use in this warehouse!  We began to move the inventory from the small workshop into the new building on August 10 only to be slammed to a stop with the Great Flood of 2016 on August 13!  All the buildings on campus were dealt a severe blow from the flood and the task ahead of us was overwhelming.  

​But like so many in our area, we banded together and put our work gloves on!  The NEW AND EXPANDED FINDERS MARKET opened on October 15th and we have become the most favorite thrift store and market in the Oneal Lane area!  Shoppers fall in love with the place as soon as they enter the huge roll-up door into a wide open two-story shopping venue like no other!  The market features the same type inventory as before- that is, estate sale goods from our dedicated estate sale company partners, as well as brand new inventory from our many retail partners.  In addition, the new larger building allows us to carry our passion-- architectural salvage items!  From gorgeous old doors and windows to new ones, all types of various trims and millwork, and just really cool items that would have never fit into the smaller building, we can honestly brag now and say that we carry everything!!  

So, stop by and visit the Finders Market-- its located in the very back of the parking lot of the Roundabout Mercantile.  Just follow the lime green signs for the time being!  We are opened on Tuesdays-Saturdays 10am-4pm and Sundays Noon-4pm.  While we post a closing time of 4pm, you know we would never chase you off and if the doors are open, we will happily do business with you!!  

As always, we continue to welcome your donations and as a 501c3 can provide you with a receipt for your tax purposes!  If you have items to donate that require pick up, just give us a call and we will be happy to oblige!  We look forward to seeing you very soon and thanks so much for your continued support of the Frances Center and its vendors as they "create a path to independence"!